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The Colon Cleanse Diet

What is your colon? If you have no idea what your colon is then you may refer to some additional information that was posted here. However if you feel that an in depth view is not needed than you can simply read the paragraph below for everything that you need to know about your colon for this colon cleanse diet.


Your Colon

Your colon is part of the digestive system that you have. It is near the end of the large intestines and for the most part it extracts water and salt from the solid waste before it is then excreted from your body. The colon does not play a large role in the absorption of nutrients into your body, it just acts as the end gatekeeper. Most of the time your colon is alright and there is nothing wrong with it, however acidic and fatty foods can trigger irritation of the colon which may lead to more serious conditions.

Colon Image with Description

Colon Image with Description


Who is the Colon Cleanse Diet for?

People who have experience any of the following may be due for a colon cleanse diet. Constipation, bladder and kidney infections, vaginal yeast infection, cramps and fingernail fungus. Each one of these symptoms can mean that you should clean your colon in order to help relieve them.

Many people say that diseases all sprout from the colon, meaning that that it should be the first place that should be cleaned out of anywhere else. In face it has been studied and studies has shown that colon is the third most likely place where a person can get cancer at. Thus the reason for all of the cancer checks regarding the colon area. Eating the right foods can help clear all the toxins and debris that is here. This is why so many people consider doing a colon cleanse diet. Plant based diets can help deal with a variety of diseases such as heart diseases, cancer, strokes and others. Therefore looking at the statistics this type of diet will also help benefit colon cleanse.

Colon Cleaning Cool Pic

Colon Cleaning Cool Pic


What to have during the colon cleanse diet period?

    1. Water

    Water is necessary as it helps cleanse your body to begin with. It is a universal solvent that will remove toxicity in the bowel, colon and kidney. Most people recommend that you have at least 8 cups of water each day, this has been disproved since many of our foods contain a large amount of water. Think about fruits and salads and how they contain a good amount of water that is unaccounted in the 8 cups of water. The optimal time for a glass of water would be during the period right before a large meal. This helps push the toxins and any other waste that might be lingering in your colon.


    2. Lots of Fiber

    Fiber helps in moving your waste along your intestines. It is also great at cleaning out any debris that is left in the area as well and has a fluid movement out of your body. Having too much fiber can make you have to go to the bathroom often. However the right amount can made a big differences in how toxic your colon and other organs in your body are. The colon cleanse diet is not extremely hard to follow, it just takes an understanding of what your body needs in order to detox and return to the natural and healthy state that it is in.


A Detox Diet?

Above we went through some colon cleanse foods as well as what the colon is exactly. We have not gone over a actual diet that can help remove the waste. Follow the 7 day detox diet for your colon and you will see great results within a few weeks.


Before Staring the Colon Detox Diet

Some things that needs to be done before you actually start the diet so that you do not have to deal with it later on. Foods like coffee, soda pop, and monster should be avoided. This helps in preventing the headaches that you get from a low intake of caffeine.


What you need to do?

For 7 days you need to follow the eating regiment. You may have everything and anything that is here and only the things that are mentioned here. Breaking away from this diet will cause the whole thing to potentially fall off. Plus it is only for 7 days, the colon cleanse diet is not hard at all!



Eat as much natural and organic fruits as you can. Frozen fruits can be used as a substitution if you wish to make smoothies or something similar. Another fruit substitute is dried fruit, although these should be in low amounts due to the preservatives that they usually contain


Veges are great at cleaning your body in general not just your colon. The best vegetables that you should consume either bakes or steamed is broccoli, cauliflower, onions, garlic, artichokes, beets,and dark leafy greens.

Colon Cleanse Diet 1

Colon Cleanse Diet 1

Grains or starches

Get the highest quality rice that you can. Brown rice is very healthy for your body but you can get other kinds of grain as well such as quinoa, buckwheat, millet and wild rice.

Nuts and Seeds

As you can see here we did not include any meat at all. The reason behind that is most meats are high in toxic and should be avoided. To make up for the lack of protein, seeds and nuts should be the choice that you make. Almonds, cashews, walnuts and sesame seeds are all great at providing all the amino acids for your body.


Organic turkey and chicken are the best choices for you. Although i would recommend no meat of any kind, it is alright in some circumstances. Wild fish such as salmons and tuna are also a great choice if you wish to have meat.

Now that you know what is included in the colon cleanse and detox diet you should be looking at actually doing it for seven days. In these 7 days your colon should be cleanse and ready to start living healthy again!

The Colon Cancer

Colon is the longest part of the large intestine. Most cancers is often a category associated with ailments seen as a out-of-control mobile or portable progress, in addition to intestines most cancers kinds when this uncontrolled mobile or portable progress starts along with tissues inside the significant bowel. Almost all intestines malignancies result from tiny, noncancerous (benign) growths named adenomatous polyps of which variety about the intrinsic walls of the significant bowel. Some polyps may increase in cancerous intestines malignancies after some time as long as they are certainly not taken off throughout colonoscopy. Intestinal tract most cancers tissues can get into in addition to damage balanced tissues that may be close to the cancerous growth creating a lot of troubles.

Right after cancerous growths variety, the particular cancerous tissues may travel with the blood vessels in addition to lymph techniques, distributing to be able to some other areas of the body. Most of these most cancers tissues can increase in several spots, invading in addition to ruining some other balanced tissue over the system. This procedure themselves is referred to as metastasis, along with the result is often a much more serious situation that may be quite hard to manage. Intestinal tract most cancers is not necessarily similar to rectal most cancers, they frequently take place together within what exactly is named colorectal most cancers. Rectal most cancers stems inside the rectum, that’s the last a number of ins of the significant bowel, closest on the anus.

Symptoms of colon cancer:

Diarrhea or perhaps constipation

Improvements inside chair uniformity

Narrow barstools

Rectal blood loss or perhaps bloodstream inside chair

Discomfort, aches, or perhaps gasoline inside abdomen

Discomfort while in bowel motions

Frequent urges to help defecate

A weakness or perhaps exhaustion

Unexplained fat reduction

Irritable bowel malady (IBS)

In terms of iron lack (anemia).

Causes of colon cancer:

Cancer is actually ultimately caused by tissue that uncontrollably develop and do not kick the bucket. Normal tissue chemistry sticks to a well-kept route involving progress, scale, and death. Designed cell death is termed apoptosis, when this process breaks down, cancers outcomes. Colorectal cancers tissues do not practical knowledge programmatic death, but instead continue to develop and separate. Even though professionals are not aware of just what reasons most of these tissue in order to respond in this way, they’ve got identified many potential threat variables.


Colon cancer usually derives from different polyps that exist in the large intestine. The most common types of polyps are adenomas, hyperplasic polyps and inflammatory polyps.


Genes – the DNA type:

Cancer malignancy happens each time a cell’s gene mutations make the particular cell phone not able to accurate DNA harm and not able to commit committing suicide. Similarly, cancer is because mutations that will inhibit ontogeny and tumor suppressor gene characteristics, leading for you to uncontrollable cell phone growth. In case you have DNA mutations connected with ontogenesis as well as tumor suppressor gene history that result in colon melanoma, it’s quite possible that the mutation had been a consequence of variables that will affect DNA when you were being created rather than a consequence of inheritance via mom and dad.



There are some generic problems inside the body which may cause cancer. About 20% of the colon cancer is caused by gen.


Age is the most important factor for colon cancer. It is seen that most of the patients are over 50.


Traits, Habits, and Diet:

It is seen that people likes low fiver food and more fat. Heavy alcohol is also responsible for that.

There are some treatments of colon cancer like surgery, chemotherapy, radiation. But this cancer can be prevented if we r careful. U can test 2 times in a year to see.  When u become 50 start taking fruits, vegetables, and whole grains while decreasing saturated fat and red meat intake.